She Was On Medication After Oral Surgery, So Her Brothers Decided To Prank Her×420-1460470268.png

Most people know that the first few hours after surgery are usually a little…well…foggy. After all, waking up from anaesthesia and taking pain pills for a few days thereafter is enough to make anyone loopy.

And that’s why these two brothers decided to play a prank on their sister who had just gotten her wisdom teeth removed. Listen to what they talked her into believing on the car ride home.

Ah, siblings. They’re as evil as they are hilarious. As far as pranks go, this one is pretty impressive. They even talked Mom into playing along! Better luck next time, Mill Continue reading She Was On Medication After Oral Surgery, So Her Brothers Decided To Prank Her

Here Are 14 Fashion Trends We Wish Would Make A Comeback. Kind Of.×315-1408384173.png

Fashion is a fickle mistress. One day something is in style, the next it is a fad we look back on and laugh at. 80% of the hairstyles from the 80s and 90s are jokes now, but back then? They were the best. 

Why did some of these go away? There were some great styles that we have just glanced over and never brought back. How does wearing a super-soft tracksuit sound like a bad idea? I’m making a campaign for bringing these fashion staples back into the mainstream. We can do it!

1.) Head to toe velour sweat suits. We need these back ASAP. That’s comfort, 24/7.

Here’s 23 People Who Never Saw It Coming… And Got Owned. #6 Is Hilarious But #10… OMG.

You have to expect the unexpected. Otherwise you get owned. Well, only sometimes. 😉 But these 23 people weren’t quite as lucky. Seriously, between run away dogs, exploding doors, and angry goats, I’ll bet you won’t either.

1. Wow, I bet he wished he knew about the secret project.

Leave It To A Group Of Brilliant Librarians To Get Me To Open A Book Again. This Is Really Cool.

Redditor botd44 recently shared these pictures made by a group of librarians in the city of Kaposvár in Hungary. The librarians made these clever pictures in hopes of increasing the community’s interest in reading books again. In many ways, it is becoming a lost “art” as the masses let visual entertainment steal their imaginations. Not only that, but it seems actual books (real paper and binding) are becoming increasingly less used as well. Great for the environment, but sometimes reading the old fashioned way is just better. Check out their series of photographs to see how they brought attention back to book reading in their city.

</p Continue reading Leave It To A Group Of Brilliant Librarians To Get Me To Open A Book Again. This Is Really Cool.

These 15 Hysterical Pinterest Fails Will Make You Feel So Much Better About Yourself. LOLOL.

Pinterest is basically an online, virtual corkboard where you can “pin” your favorite pictures of recipes, crafts, workouts and more. Many women use it as inspiration for the home crafts. There are so many wonderfully creative people out there who are willing to share their ideas! The only downside to attempting a Pinterest project is this: you just might not be as talented as the original person who posted the project. That’s totally okay, though. These 15 people weren’t too good at it, either.

31 Hilariously Awful Cake Fails You Need To See To Believe.×315-1406688664.png

Each of us has our own specific set of talents and areas of life that we excel in. Some people may be great at keeping track of their finances and others may be swell bowlers. If you can’t do something as well as your neighbor, that doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. … The only exception would be if you’re terrible at your job. For example, if you’re a baker and you can’t even handle baking a cake? You might want to start tweaking your resume. Somehow, these bakers just couldn’t handle the pressure of creating a delicious and beautiful treat for their clients. Instead: they baked chaos.

These 21 People Learned Their Lesson Very, Very Quickly. And Painfully… LOL.

When things go wrong in life, it’s important that it’s bad enough so you can learn your lessons. (After all, how else will you know not to do those things ever again?) For these people, after trying to do these spectacularly stupid things they were lucky enough to get an immediate lesson. These were quick, painful… and absolutely hilarious. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt (except their pride, their pride was definitely hurt).