No, This Is Not A Plane Crash In The Forest. Take A Step Inside This Thing – AWESOME.

From these pictures you might think an airliner miraculously landed in the woods, but that is actually one man’s dream home. You see, Oregonian Bruce Campbell doesn’t just love planes, he lives in one. After buying a Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 a few years ago, Bruce had it moved to his plot of land in the middle of the Oregon woods, parking it in what might be termed his garden. After the rather large mobile home was in place he got to work on turning the aircraft into a home for him to live in.

So There’s A House For Sale In London. It Seems Normal Til You Go To The Attic – WHAT?

In a swanky neighborhood of southeast London, there is a large Victorian Gothic mansion that’s for sale. It’s listed at $5.35 million and it has so many amenities you’d expect. There’s almost 7,000 square feet of elegance for any potential homeowner to enjoy. There are 8 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a breakfast room, a sitting room/games room, play room, study, dressing room and wine cellar. This house has it all. And we mean everything.

This Family Lives In A Tree House That Looks Like A Castle. Think That’s Cool? Wait Until You See The Inside.×315-1406691074.png

Thanks to the British design firm Blue Forest, a family is “Living the High Life” in one of the coolest tree houses you’ll ever see. While it has a medieval-influenced architectural style, this tree house is anything but old school. There haven’t been many homes (on or off the ground) that feature a rope bridge, zip line, and obstacle course… definitely not with an interior like this.

Take a look!

These 18 Ikea Hacks Will Make Your Home Look Like A Million Bucks.×315-1410193515.png

Furniture mega-store Ikea has a ton of affordable choices when it comes to setting up your new home, but they tend to be a little…blah. Stark white or black can only go so far.

Spice things up with these handy hacks and create an enviable abode without breaking the bank. And with your own personal touches, your house will feel even more like a home. Take a look.

If You Found A WWII Bomb Shelter, This Is Probably The Last Thing You’d Expect. But WHOA.

Decades after the end of World War II, some families in England are still using the bunkers created during that era to help protect civilians from bomb blasts. This bunker in particular was built on the former RAF base at Caversfield in England. It was originally built to withstand bombings and chemical attacks. It even came with decontamination showers, air lock doors and a war room. This building is still being used today, although it’d be hard for anyone to guess exactly what.

There’s A Massive Plane In The Middle Of A Forest In Oregon. And You Gotta See Inside It.

When looking for a new home, combing through the endless real estate listings is almost as frustrating as finding a seat on a packed flight.  Suggestion? Maybe you should start scrolling through the aircraft pages instead. Oregon native Howard Bruce Campbell (no relation to Evil Dead actor Bruce Campbell…I think) purchased this retired Boeing 727 back in 1999 for the low, low cost of $100,000. Campbell then spent another $120,000 figuring out the logistics of site rent, wing and tail removal and transportation — bringing his total to a modest $220,000. His website for the project details instructions for others looking to follow him down the runway of aviatri Continue reading There’s A Massive Plane In The Middle Of A Forest In Oregon. And You Gotta See Inside It.