Hidden Housemates: Australias Huge And Hairy Huntsman Spiders


Youre driving along and you open the sun visor. Youre cleaning at home and bump a painting hanging on the wall. Suddenly, out runs a huge, hairy spider. Australias huntsman spiders are the stuff of myths and nightmares.

But these are also the most interesting of their family, and deserve their place in the pantheon of Australian wildlife.

I study the behavioural ecology of these remarkable spiders. Elsewhere in the world I dont tell people t Continue reading Hidden Housemates: Australias Huge And Hairy Huntsman Spiders

19 Awesome IKEA Furniture Hacks You Have To Try Right Now


IKEA is known for its huge selection of simple furniture options. Well, that and their notoriously impossible directions for assembling said furniture.

But if you’re looking for something a little more high-end (yet can’t bear to part with half of your savings), you shouldn’t overlook the big-box store. With a few key upgrades that are quite easy to execute, you can turn your run-of-the-mill dresser into an epic bookcase.

Have a look at how you can give your boring furniture a new life!

1. Make this step stool into a cute side table or a statement p Continue reading 19 Awesome IKEA Furniture Hacks You Have To Try Right Now

This Family Lives In A Tree House That Looks Like A Castle. Think That’s Cool? Wait Until You See The Inside.


Thanks to the British design firm Blue Forest, a family is “Living the High Life” in one of the coolest tree houses you’ll ever see. While it has a medieval-influenced architectural style, this tree house is anything but old school. There haven’t been many homes (on or off the ground) that feature a rope bridge, zip line, and obstacle course… definitely not with an interior like this.

Take a look!

These 18 Ikea Hacks Will Make Your Home Look Like A Million Bucks.


Furniture mega-store Ikea has a ton of affordable choices when it comes to setting up your new home, but they tend to be a little…blah. Stark white or black can only go so far.

Spice things up with these handy hacks and create an enviable abode without breaking the bank. And with your own personal touches, your house will feel even more like a home. Take a look.