Science Explains These Every Day Things We Always Wondered About.

Ever wonder why something was the way it was? Or have you ever had a question that you just didn’t know the answer to about your body? (I feel like most days I’m pondering many of life’s little questions only to forget why I wanted to know in the first place.) Well, these are some of the answers to life’s little mysteries that you’ve wondered about at least once in your life.

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20 Amazing Facts About The Human Body That Will Blow Your Mind.×315-1406690145.png

The human body sure is amazing. It may not seem that way while you’re hunched over looking at your computer with nothing but a towel on, but it is. That’s not to say you shouldn’t actually get dressed, though.

1. Humans are roughly 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening.

Did You Realize Your Brain Could Actually Be Affected By These Things? Wow.×315-1412920548.png

We all want a healthy, active brain. Healthy brains help us stay alive and thinking. Sometimes, there are outside forces that can hinder or enhance your brain activity. If you’re not sure what these outside forces are, you’ve come to the right place! Everyday items and occurrences change the brain drastically, so it’s best to remain aware of them.