“Sea Organ” Makes Haunting Music With Ocean Waves


Croatian architect Nikola Bai has created a beautiful piece of architecture that merges the modern city with nature and playfulness.

His incredible Sea Organ graces the coast of Zadar in Croatia. The city was heavily bombed throughout the Second World War by British and American planes. As the war ended, a rushed reconstruction of the city took place, causing many of the once-loved spaces to enjoy the coasts n Continue reading “Sea Organ” Makes Haunting Music With Ocean Waves

This Is What Happens When A Rich Guy Buys A Water Tower From 1938. It’s Ridiculously Awesome.


So there was a water tower in a small Belgian village that no one paid much attention to. That is, until a businessman decided to convert it into the dream home I had no idea I wanted. The entire exterior was restored to its original state and the inside, well… the photos speak for themselves.

This place is incredible. Not only visually but the high tech features and, most of all, that awesome view.

This 100ft (30 meters) water tower located in the small Belgian village of Steenokkerzeel was originally built between 1938 and 1941.

Using Google Maps, One Guy Discovered The Entire Alphabet Is Hiding In Cities.


While searching for an address on Google Maps, Yousuke Ozawa noticed something about the virtual buildings. Using the satellite images, he discovered the tops of several locations resembled letters of the alphabet.

The art director then went in search of all 26 letters. The project took him a week of zooming and scrolling over miles of cityscapes, but the eye strain was worth it when he succeeded in finding all letters. He then used those images to create the “Satellite Font.” You never know what you’ll discover when you look close enough.

They Went To The Bar During Work, And You’ll Be Jealous When You See Why


You didn’t sleep last night, you don’t remember what just happened in your staff meeting, and there’s a solid chance that you’ll snooze through your stop on the way home.

We’ve all been there. Adult life is rough, and some work days feel like they’ll never end. That’s why a few designers decided to conduct a social experiment by creating a getaway for hardworking people in Dubai.

The design-savvy gifts to mankind at Smarin came up with a project called “Let’s Take a Nap,” and the installation, which ran its course last month, only reinforced what many analysts have already concluded about the relationship Continue reading They Went To The Bar During Work, And You’ll Be Jealous When You See Why

These 18 Ikea Hacks Will Make Your Home Look Like A Million Bucks.


Furniture mega-store Ikea has a ton of affordable choices when it comes to setting up your new home, but they tend to be a little…blah. Stark white or black can only go so far.

Spice things up with these handy hacks and create an enviable abode without breaking the bank. And with your own personal touches, your house will feel even more like a home. Take a look.

Here Are 24 Absolutely Genius Product Packages. I’ll Take A Million Of #9!


Presentation isn’t everything, but it sure goes a long way in determining whether or not you’re going to purchase a product. Some of these packaging designs will have you scratching your head, while others will undoubtedly leave you reaching for your wallet. Check them out!

11 Incredible Bathroom Designs That Will Make You Ready To Renovate.


Bath time has gotten so blasé lately. Sure, you could liven things up with cute bath accessories. For those of us looking to kick things up with a little more than a simple curtain or mat can bring, these are the exact options you’re looking for.

Imagine how relaxed you could be right now with #3… Or terrified with #9. Yikes! Do they sell this stuff at Bed, Bath and Beyond? Maybe in the beyond section…