Researchers Will Be Able To Reanimate Dead Brain Cells If This Study Works Out×420-1462480481.png?fit=800%2C420

Reanimating dead brain cells seems like something from a science-fiction movie, right? Well, maybe not.

The company Bioquark has received a grant that will allow them to stimulate the nervous systems of 20 brain-dead patients to see if they can bring brain cells back to life. If this works out, it will prove to be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs of all time.

It all starts with the nervous system.

6 Years Ago, He Was Paralyzed. Now? He Can Play Guitar…This Is Amazing!×420-1460662967.png

Ian Burkhart was just a teenager when he lost all movement in his hands and legs.

He dove into a wave in shallow water, and what was just supposed to be a fun outing with friends turned into a disaster. Damaging his spinal cord, he was paralyzed from the chest down with limited control over his arms. Burkhart, now 24, thought that he’d never be able to move his fingers again. He was, by most accounts, a quadriplegic.

But that all changed recently…

Scientists developed a chip that was inserted into his brain, allowing him to move his right hand.

“The first time moving my Continue reading 6 Years Ago, He Was Paralyzed. Now? He Can Play Guitar…This Is Amazing!

Did You Realize Your Brain Could Actually Be Affected By These Things? Wow.×315-1412920548.png

We all want a healthy, active brain. Healthy brains help us stay alive and thinking. Sometimes, there are outside forces that can hinder or enhance your brain activity. If you’re not sure what these outside forces are, you’ve come to the right place! Everyday items and occurrences change the brain drastically, so it’s best to remain aware of them.