Early Birds Had Feathers Before Flight


If you’re satisfied with the answer to which came first, the chicken on the egg, and want a related puzzle, consider this: did flying creatures develop feathers to assist with something they had already learned to do? Or did the feathers come first, proving very useful to creatures about to take to the skies?

The answer, it appears, is that the feathers were a display Continue reading Early Birds Had Feathers Before Flight


Awesome Anti-Gravity Water Experiment


What comes up, must come down. That’s typically how it goes for matter on Earth, due to the force of gravity. Steve Spangler of Sick Science! demonstrates that it doesn’t always have to work like that. 

Try out this experiment, showing how water can be manipulated into staying right where it is, even when a glass is turned over.


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.yo Continue reading Awesome Anti-Gravity Water Experiment

Telescope Made From Water Allows Astronomers To Look Into The Extreme Energy Universe


To truly understand the universewe need to look at it in every wavelength, and sometimes that requires some inventive methods. The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) observatory in Puebla, Mexicois one such example, and its helping scientists to look at the universe in gamma rays.

The HAWC observatory has just released its first sky map, which shows pulsars, supernova remnants, and even flickering black holes. It is sensitive to photons with energies Continue reading Telescope Made From Water Allows Astronomers To Look Into The Extreme Energy Universe

Why Would Anyone Believe The Earth Is Flat?


Belief in a flat Earth seems a bit like the attempt to eradicate polio just when you think its gone, a pocket of resistance appears. But the flat Earthers have always been with us; its just that they usually operate under the radar of public awareness.

Now the rapper B.o.B has given the idea prominence through <a href="http://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/ Continue reading Why Would Anyone Believe The Earth Is Flat?

Our Finances Are A Mess Could Behavioral Science Help Clean Them Up?


The first few months of a new year can be a stressful time financially. The Christmas holidays typically lead to depleted savings and higher credit card balances, while tax season is right around the corner.

Unfortunately for most us, this isnt a seasonal dilemma but a chronic problem that brings anxiety throughout the year.

Indeed, as many as 44 percent of American households dont have Continue reading Our Finances Are A Mess Could Behavioral Science Help Clean Them Up?

Is Venus Still Erupting?


Venus: second planet from the sun, and our fiery hot next door neighbor. With surface temperatures reaching a whopping 460 degrees Celsius (860 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s a pretty inhospitable place. Not only that, but Venus is veiled by reflective clouds of sulfuric acid, making it’s surface impossible to see from space by visible light. It’s actually believed that Venus may have once possessed oceans, but that they probably boiled away as the temperature rose on the planet. 

It’s believed by scienti Continue reading Is Venus Still Erupting?

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: How a Louisiana Student is Teaming With Top Scientists to Reform Science Education


Zack Kopplin does not spend his time the way you might expect from a typical college student. At 20, it seems more likely for him to be out every night, killing more brain cells than he uses. Instead, he has become a noteworthy advocate for science education reform in public schools. 

In 2008, the <a href="http://ncse.com/files/pub/legal/afl Continue reading Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: How a Louisiana Student is Teaming With Top Scientists to Reform Science Education