Injected Oxygen Particle Will Let Us Survive Under Water

After injecting this particle into blood, we will be able to live without breath.
Watch this short video if you are not interested in reading
These micro particles are in the form of tiny capsule. These capsules are 2-4 micrometers in size. And made of a single layer of lipids.
That layer is surrounding with a small bubble of oxygen gas.
When capsule injected in blood stream, it became suspended. Due to this bubble of oxygen gas will not get bigger. It would make them deadly, FYI.
Injected Oxygen Particle Will Let Us Survive Under Water

How this capsules works

After injecting the capsule in blood stream, it will crash in our red blood cells(RBC). Though this way it will transfer the oxygen from capsule to cell.
Research said that through this way around 70% of the oxygen injected in body cells.
Researchers experimented this method on Rabbit.
Scientists managed to keep rabbit alive for fifteen minutes with blocked wind pipe.
In the study reported in the paper, they used a device called a sonicator.
This device uses high-intensity sound waves to mix the oxygen and lipids together.
The process traps oxygen gas inside particles.
As the ocean level is increasing day by day.
It will be a good idea for us to get a handle on the whole breathing underwater. Or on a moon or on any other planet.

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