This Little Boy Almost Killed By Running Truck But A Miracle Happen

This is a very terrifying footage and moment when a little nearly hit by Truck when the child was running from behind a bus.

It’s also true that many responsible parents teach their children about the rule of crossing the road.

Like, to look on both side before crossing the road but some forgo child didn’t understand this.

Because those kids have no idea or they didn’t understand the deadly consequences.

This little boy is from Norway who ran off from behind the school bus without looking for other side traffic.

It’s a miracle when truck driver was able to brake at the right time.

Truck driver named Tor Bjorn Kyrkjebo caught this incident in his cam. He started sharing this footage to warn the children about the danger of the busy road.
Bus company said that they dropped the children at an approved stop. Company said that they would launch an investigation to avoid these types of unfortunate in future.

(Via DailyMail)

In my opinion parents should talk with their children and teach them how danger it is. This is great luck but luck didn’t help every time.
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