Researcher Suggest That Higher Price Of Wine Tricks Mind Into Thinking It Tastes Better

A newly published research at nature by researchers at the INSEAD Business School and the university of Bonn found that price tags sway our tastebuds- or rather our medical pre-frontal cortex and ventral striatum – and trick our brains into thinking the higher the price, the better the hooch.

The study raises some obvious questions — first and foremost, how do you drink wine while lying down and not end up with cabernet in your ears? How many wines are we talking? And what’s INSEAD?

Answer: The test subjects saw a price tag, then sipped a single milliliter (slightly less than ¼ teaspoon) of wine through a tube. After they rated each wine on a one to nine-point scale, they rinsed their mouths and tasted the next wine — which was actually the same wine, a $14 red, with a different price tag.

(Via – MercuryNews)

The more expensive the test subjects thought the wine was, the more excited the medial pre-frontal cortex became and the better the subjects thought the wine tasted.

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