Our Assumption About Black Hole Goes Wrong In Lab

As we all know black holes are the most mysterious and cosmic phenomenon in the universe and recent research shows us that we don’t know much about black hole yet.

Physicist Guillaume Loisel from Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque explains “Of course, we can’t observe directly emission from the black hole because they are much invisible and the reason behind this is, they pull everything in their vicinity but We see emission from surrounding matter just before it is consumed by the black hole. This surrounding matter is forced into the shape of a disk, called an accretion disk.

And that’s because when matter gets pulled in to the accretion disk around a black hole, it becomes intensely heated and produces a bright glow that can be seen by instruments that detect X-rays.

To physically recreate the conditions around a black hole as closely as possible, the researchers used Sandia’s Z machine – the planet’s most powerful X-ray generator.

According to science alert, the researchers aren’t entirely sure what can explain the way we detect accretion disk emissions if resonant Auger destruction doesn’t apply.

(Via – Science Alert)

“We are optimistic that astrophysicists will implement whatever changes are found to be needed.

The findings are reported in Physical Review Letters.
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Read Original Article Here – http://www.buzzbasement.com/our-assumption-about-black-hole-goes-wrong-in-lab/

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