Unlucky Trout Gets Frozen Against Fish Farm Wall


Its mighty cold out. But if Old Man Winters reign is getting youdown, spare a thought for this trout caught in an extremely unlucky predicament.

The image was taken at a fish farmin Decorah, Iowa by the Iowa Department of Natural Resourcesin 2014, although it has since resurfaced after user yyott posted the image to Reddit earlier this week.

The temperature was reportedly -30C(-22F) at the time. The trout is believed to have jumped out the water and hit the wall, where the water on its skin then froze to the subzero wall, holdingit in place.

Many fish farms, especially in colder corners of the world, heat their aquaculture ponds. Not only are water heaters added to stop the water from freezing over, but also because temperature affectsfishgrowth rates. The Mpemba effect, the observation that warm water can freeze faster than cold water in some instances, could have also helped freeze and stick the fish before it could fall.

Source: Array

Wonder Of Science


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