This Is What Happens When You Light 10,000 Sparklers In A Bucket

If you were to burn 10,000 sparklers separately, it would take more than two days. However, Youtubers SlivkiShow decided to bring in the New Year in a spectacular way by burning all of them at once.

Although sparklers vary from brand to brand, theyre usually made of three main components: a metal fuel, an oxidiser, and a binder. The binder is simply to hold it all together. The metal fuel often aluminium, magnesium or titanium produces the sparks when set alight, while the oxidiser often metal nitrates, chlorates or perchlorates quickly produces gas when burnt, causing the metal sparkling fuel to be forcibly ejected.

While igniting this many simultaneously may sound like an accident waiting to happen, fear not.Along with the 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of sparklers, this group of pyromaniacsbrought two fire extinguishers and secured the explosives as they drove to their launch site.

Although, its still not recommended you try this at home. Check it out:

Source: Array

Wonder Of Science


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