Moron Shoots Cat With An Arrow In Michigan

A family cat from Michigan has survived after being shot by an arrow. While the police are still hunting for the shooter, a $2,100 (1368) reward has been issued for anyone with information on the crime.

According to MLive, police were called at around 10 a.m. on Monday morning after a local person found the injured cat in Kalamo Township, near the city of Charlotte, Michigan. The cat appears to have been shot by a crossbow that pierced his chest cavity and exited just below his front leg, narrowingly missing his lungs and other vital organs.

Image credit:Capital Area Humane Society

The cats owner was contactedand she identified the male catas Booger. However, speaking to The Washington Post, the police saidhis owner cannot afford veterinarian care for her pet. The pricey surgery was therefore paid for by the Capital Area Humane Societys (CAHS)special care and cruelty fund.

The catwas given a physical examination and underwent surgery later that same day. Although the vets were originally pessimistic of Boogers chances for a full recovery, the CAHS announced yesterday that his prognosis is excellent. Speaking to MLive, CAHS President Julia Willson said, He’s eating, he’s purring, he’s acting like a normal kitty.

Although Booger is doing well, it could still take over a month for a full recovery. He currently has a chest tube to drain fluid and remains in the surgical center. Get better soon, buddy!

Image credit:Capital Area Humane Society

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