Time-Lapse Video of Lunar Eclipse


Early in the morning on April 15, stargazers were treated to view a total lunar eclipse. As the sun, Earth, and moon were all aligned, our planet blocked out direct light from the sun to the full moon. The moon, instead, reflected light from Earth’s umbral shadow, causing it to look red. The occasion was even more special as it was the first in a tetrad of total lunar eclipses. The next will appear in October, then again in April 2015, and the last of the tetrad will appear in September 2015.

Most of the western hemisphere had a fantastic view of the eclipse and webcasts were available for those who were out of the area or unable to go outside and see it themselves. If you still weren’t able to view the eclipse in all of its glory; don’t worry! The Griffith Observatory located in Los Angeles, California documented the entire event and turned it into a time-lapse video which you can view here:

Source: Array

Wonder Of Science


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