How To Pick A Lock With Just A Hairpin

Weve all seen the movies where a lock is poked around with a hairpin and the door miraculously opens. But how realistic is this?

This tutorial video byNightHawkInLight shows how you can simply open a conventional key lock with nothing more than two hairpins. The guide uses a transparent lockin this video to demonstrate the mechanism of the lock pins and how to work around them. The video makes the task lookdeceptively, if not worryingly, easy. But remember:without the see-through lock, you’ll essentially be doing it blindfolded, insteadrelying on just your ears and sense of touch.

Check out the video below. Just dont go using your newfound powerson other peoples locks, otherwise youll probably have a hard time explaining that you’re not trying to rob the place.

Source: Array

Wonder Of Science


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