How Ignorant Is Your Country?

Were often pretty wrong about many of the key social issues in our countries, as many of the misanthropes and sceptics among you may already know.

Ipsos Mori, a market research firm, has developed a quiz to assess just how wrong yourperceptions of modern-day issues in your country might be. The data was sourced through 25,556 interviews across 33 countries between October 1 andOctober16, 2015.

The quiz covers a range of topics from technology toobesity and also tells you what the average answer is. For example, one question askswhat percentage of people in the United Statesdont affiliate with any particular religion.While most people in the country believed the answer is 40 percent, in reality it is 16 percent.

Check out the interactive quiz below.

Source: Array

Wonder Of Science


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