These 18 Ikea Hacks Will Make Your Home Look Like A Million Bucks.

Furniture mega-store Ikea has a ton of affordable choices when it comes to setting up your new home, but they tend to be a little…blah. Stark white or black can only go so far.

Spice things up with these handy hacks and create an enviable abode without breaking the bank. And with your own personal touches, your house will feel even more like a home. Take a look.

1.) Use a shelf for the foundation of some extra seating with storage.

2.) Slap some wheels on a small shelf to transform it into a sweet bar cart.

3.) Grab a Sharpie and give your chair a quick makeover.

4.) Give your old laundry hamper a new life as a swanky side table.

5.) Add a unique design to your shelf with some paint.

6.) Spice up your dresser with easy to install overlays.

7.) Give your desk some flare with a simple gold accent.

8.) Give your large shelves some pops of color.

9.) Use medium shelves to create a cheap desk.

10.) Design your own veneers to add a one of a kind touch to your coffee table.

11.) Brighten up your coffee table with some added light.

12.) Add an elegant touch to your drawers with some textured fabric.

13.) Grab some swatches of cheap raw fabric for a cute and easy mousepad.

14.) Turn a bookcase on its side to create a cozy bar.

15.) Turn an old dish into a cute lighting fixture.

16.) Give your plain dresser some classy vintage detail.

17.) Take some paint and stencils to your boring rug.

18.) Keep some secret stashes in your large shelf by adding doors and slides.

(via Mashable.)

Your mother-in-law might actually have to compliment you (and mean it!) with these DIY delights.

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