A Fruit That Tastes Like Chocolate Pudding? Yes, It Really Does Exist.


If you think a fruit tasting like chocolate pudding sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. The Black Sapote is a real, delicious fruit native to eastern Mexico and Central America. In fact, it tastes so much like chocolate pudding, people refer to it as “the chocolate pudding fruit.” It can be enjoyed raw or baked into something as a chocolate substitute.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would anyone want to substitute chocolate for anything?” Well, if it tastes enough like chocolate and has less fat and more vitamin C, you’ll at least consider using Black Sapote instead. The inside of the fruit looks and has the same consistency as chocolate pudding, too. It’s not like you’ll have to try that hard to pretend that you’re eating the real thing. Check it out.

Black Sapote on the tree.

A cross section.


Now we’re talking.

Just in case you had any doubt that it’s delicious.

Okay, now I’m definitely sold.

(via messnessychic)

I’ll bet you didn’t think you’d discover your new favorite fruit when you woke up this morning, but that’s life. Delicious, nutritious life.

Wonder Of Science

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